Saturday, May 26, 2007

Design Gondola

What we do on Gondola Project ?

When you are not familiar with gondola that was any technical aspect related in your design . What is that thing ?

Alternatively you must count first the total load, application, and system used. Usually the gondola system actuator can divide into mechanical actuator with gear box or motor and the other by hydraulic system. List of equipment are related into electrical and mechanical already knows for us.

So, here is the thing you must thing for gondola construction :
a. How many of Watt of electricity you used for ?
b. See Total cost of your project. This related to your efficiencies .
c. How to maintenance of your machine ?
d. If you use from rental company, count your time for order .
e. Thing into other alternative machine beside of gondola with same application . for example , you
can use mobile gondola for rental. I give detail what kind matter you must prepare for your gondola
as bellow ,

Your specification tool involved are :
a. Construction Support
b. Hydraulic Pump ability
c. Pipe for oil pump flow
d. Hydraulic Pack
e. Induction motor 3 phase
f. Electrical Control
g. Sprocket
h. Chain
i. Shaft.

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