Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Jeico - New product brand for hoist remote

Industrial radio remote controllers can be applied and mainly installed to cranes, hoists, and automatically controlled electric/electronic industrial equipment(such as gate, elevator, transfer car ect at factories for factory automation.
Industrial radio remote controller is a reasonable products which capable of controlling factory automation and various systems by wireless, compared with the previous inconvenient and inefficient wire control type used in the industrial site.

Industrial wireless remote controls require safety first and then verified quality and constisant performance to follow as an integral part of functions. Jeico, specialized in the field of radio remote controllers, who are a far major sharer of Korean markets now, can dare say JEICO means the name of "safe and reliable" to use without question and also " good to handle",  CV. Solo Jaya Teknik eagerly want to deliver and share a goodness as well as a happiness even in the dirty and dangerous site.
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