Monday, August 6, 2007

What about plastic Recycling Machine

What do you think about plastics recycling machine ? When our local city council responded to the need to recycle plastics machine, it came to me as some business oppurtinity.

Presumably the Machinery of Chinese the stuff to make new bottles/containers and either design and sell themselves or send new ones back to us? I have to confess I don’t know very much about plastics machineries - I was brought up as a metalworking man - and most metals are recyclable.

As for bottles - well we still have our milk delivered in glass bottles, which are later collected, cleaned and sterilised for re-use. Maybe some of these bottles have been around for years! One can’t help noticing that neighbours’ plastics recycling boxes are mostly full of discarded plastics milk bottles - never to be used again. So why not return to glass, or are the large supermarkets too busy making money to care about packaging recycling?

It was great oppurtinity for recycling of plastic waste in Indonesia. Can you imagine what machines must prepaired for it ? please can you see this ?
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